I. Peer Reviewer Course :

Join LBP Publication course today to get practical knowledge on writing review report and build up
your career as Master researcher.

The benefits of our peer review training course could be perceived from the below mentioned points.

Aims :

1. Develop an aspiration for research study
2. Inspire to learn peer review with confidence
3. Provide practical experience in peer review
4. Train and mould the next generation of peer reviewers.

Objectives :

1. To understand the basic principles of reviewing a paper.
2. To be aware of the responsibilities of a reviewer.
3. To know how to write feedback for authors and the editor.

The course helps you to understand:

1. The available evidence regarding the effectiveness and utility of the peer review process;
2. The purpose, process, and responsibilities in peer review from the perspective of the author, editor, and peer reviewer.
3. The different types of clinical research questions and appropriate designs for studying them;
4. The strengths and limitations of the various study designs.
5. Measures used to test association between exposures and outcomes.
6. How to apply critical appraisal to manuscripts submitted for peer review.
7. How to provide meaningful feedback to authors and editors that they can use to improve manuscript quality.

Skills developed :

1. Understand the importance and responsibilities of peer reviewers.

2. Learn how to prepare a peer review report. 

3. Discuss ethics and innovations in peer review.