Laxmi Book Publication, a leading publication company in India. We publish various journals in multiple disciplines, books, and we run a publishing portal.

Our great achievement is journal indexing service i.e. Directory of Research Journals Indexing. We feel by heartily contribution in research field. Online Research Certification Program provides breadth and depth in the full range of technology needed to perform a job function.

Peer review plays critical part in review process. Reviewing a manuscript is written by author privilege. Peer review is an exciting and enjoyable academic experience.

Reviewer receive an invitation Journal article to peer review. Reviewer should consider, does this manuscript match subject expertise, make sure can meet the deadline, as well as check a potential conflict of interest, after this immediately response to the journal editor about accept or decline the invitation.

Thus peer review is important process to asset the validity and originally of manuscript before publication. Get practical experience to peer review with LBP.

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